Technology and change

  • Authoring tools


    All organizations have a core competency, but how can it be maintained and protected in the best possible way?

    We offer Mohive, the fastest and most user-friendly authoring tool on the market. With Mohive, your own experts document the organization's core competencies. This way, you can retain the competency of the organization regardless of whether key personnel disappear.

    Turn your employees into dedicated teachers and participants! Create exciting and varied courses using interactive task templates. Mohive’s responsive design adapts to the surfaces you want the participants to learn on. The user interface is both understandable and intuitive.


    Interested in learning more about Mohive? Please contact us for a demonstration.

  • Organisational development supported by technology


    Technology and organizational development are closer together than ever, and there are considerable benefits to be gained by adopting technologies in a timely and cost effective manner. We address both the organization's development needs and the individual employee's motivation to make a difference.

    As a partner to CrossKnowledge, we have access to an international knowledge network and the latest advancements in technology, learning and development. With CrossKnowledge’s digital learning portal, the company get its own university and you can reach out to the whole business with updated knowledge. CrossKnowledge has a rich course catalogue consisting of more than 17,000 learning modules in 16 different languages. World-renowned experts at the forefront of strategy, leadership, management, sales and communication develop these modules.

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  • Mobility


    Mobile technology has moved learning processes out of the meeting rooms and into the moment.

    Our smartphones allow us constant access to information, and we know how to leverage that technology to develop your business. Together with our customers, we combine the digital world with the social world, to ensure involvement and enthusiasm anywhere, anytime.