We design solutions to help small and large businesses develop and change.

Strategy Games

Games lend themselves to developing business sense. It provides more than a theoretical understanding of the business. In the game you can simulate the organization's real value so that participants can explore how their strategic choices stand up to the competition. Players experience the ups and downs and learn the consequences of their choices. The company's unique vision, mission and values are merged into the game.


LABlearning™ is an effective method for developing sales culture. We take the company through a large-scale social experiment that allows employees to research their own practice. Through testing different sales enhancing behaviours alongside continuous measurement and reflection, participants develop a sales culture based on their own experiences about what works.

Reflection Book

The reflection book is a personal workbook that is tailored to your organization's training needs. The book contains a variety of assignments, reflection tasks, a personal learning log and note pages. Reflection reinforces learning, and the reflection book is suitable for management training, sales training and development of the organization's core competencies.



Talk Table™ is a colourful table covering used to engage participants in conferences and large meetings. It provides instruction as to how groups consisting of four to 12 people will work on the relevant topics. Talk Table™ is well suited for leadership development, strategy implementation, values and ethics anchoring, sales training, and to practice cooperation and operations.