Process management program

Do you want to learn effective techniques that engage? Through this development program, you’ll acquire active methods and tools that involve and inspire people to adopt desired changes in culture, behaviour and attitudes.

New and better solutions

Organizations that succeed with their change and development processes are system oriented. Their processes of change are distinguished by involvement and interaction, and - not least of all - reflection.


Action methodology

When we are challenged to think and act in new ways, the motivation arises to produce the best possible results. Through various exercises, we create the confidence to do just this. Exploration of roles and relationships provide new perspectives, and can bring forth some surprising solutions and insights.


You as the process manager

The process management development program aims to make you more reliable, more secure and more competent in the role of process manager. You get ample opportunities to practice and get feedback on your own performance with the various tools.


Program objectives

Clarify and improve your professional role
Develop your action methodology skills through training and feedback
Strengthen your self-esteem and increase your professional confidence
Develop the appropriate process design

The program is particularly well suited for process managers, HR consultants, organization consultants and managers. It is led by Jan Platander and Johnny Daugstad.

Process management program