Everyone Can Coach

Coaching can help build the capacity of people and teams so they can reach further and do incredible things. The coach's role is to find the keys that open up opportunities and solutions. The coaching method can be used effectively with individuals and in groups.

Master the role of a coach

Everyone Can Coach gives you a step-by-step introduction to coaching. This course will help you to use your communication abilities in a more structured and focused manner. You will try out new skills and practical tools on actual cases, so you can develop your own sense of what works best. This is an active course, and you will get a lot of practice.

The course is suitable for those of you who are leaders, HR specialists or consultants. You may have little to no experience with coaching, but you are the kind of person who is driven to help others to succeed.

Lasse Hamre is a very accomplished teacher and coach. He has trained our sales and customer service leaders in Scandinavia, Poland and the Baltic states, and they have given him exceptional feedback. With Lasse Hamre as a teacher, you can expect engaging and exciting learning experiences.

Johan Bolkéus, Senior Manager Sales Learning, Statoil Fuel & Retail

A comprehensive toolkit with a variety of methods

The course fee includes a compendium that provides practical and useful knowledge about coaching, templates and conversation cards for individuals and groups.

You will learn about

·      The role of a coach

·      Learning and the brain

·      Motivation for change

·      Preparing for coaching

·      Selecting the topic for discussion

·      Conversation tools

·      Inquiry techniques

·      Individual coaching

·      Group coaching

Everyone Can Coach