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We develop solutions for your business’ changing needs.

  • Are you up to date?


    Do your employees possess the skills and competencies your company needs? Is your organization keeping up with the latest developments in your field?

    Having access to the right knowledge at the right moment is one of the major challenges of our time. To make their mark on tomorrow, organizations need culture and technologies that create a continuous supply of new knowledge and allow important experiences to spread easily.


    We know how skills and competencies are both maintained and further developed. We offer technologies and methods that help you handle your organization's competency needs. We develop structures that fit your requirements, and secure your organization’s capacity for the skills and competencies that matter most.


    Read more about how we do this in practice here.

  • Are you hitting your sales targets?


    Is your organization living up to its sales potential? How do your salespeople work together? Do you have a unified and comprehensive plan for the exchange of experience and sales training?

    Sales is a demanding job. Some are natural salespeople, while others must work harder to find their way to drive sales. The organization must train and develop their salespeople. Sales is all about communication and the ability to build secure relationships. And those skills can come with training.

    We customize sales training for your sales staff, tailored to your organization's needs. We believe the most important and effective context for this training is the one your salespeople encounter in their day-to-day, and we involve both the individual and the group in the training.

  • Are you able to get your new hires ramped up quickly enough?


    Want to shorten the time it takes for new employees to become operational? Is the length of your current onboarding period arbitrary?

    The amount of time it takes a new employee to become an effective resource for the company varies widely. Mastering a new job is both demanding and challenging. New employees expend a lot of energy in the onboarding period. A good onboarding process helps ensure that new employees use that energy in the most appropriate way, so they can go from being a cost to becoming an important resource as quickly as possible.

    K has extensive experience with how best to look after and arrange for new employees. We help you to prioritize what the new employee and the manager should do before the first day of work, during the first weeks on the job and during the first six months. The result is engaged and confident employees who quickly become operational.

  • Are you going in the same direction?


    Say you’ve just implemented a new strategy. Does everyone understand what is required of him or her now? Are employees creating their own solutions rather than the company's standard? Or are people continuing as they were before, even though the course has changed?

    Formulating a good strategy takes a lot of behind-the-scenes work, but that strategy will only ever work if everyone adopts it. So what if the work on effective implementation started before the strategy was even formulated? By involving the entire organization at the beginning of the process, the strategy can become a platform owned by those who ultimately will create the necessary changes.

    Our methods and tools help you to get the right players together to talk, both in the planning and implementation stages of the new strategy. The result is inspired employees who take responsibility for working on a new and better way. When each employee uses the strategy every day, it becomes more than just words - it comes alive.

  • Are you a team player?


    Are your leaders prepared for the challenges of tomorrow? Can your managers meet increased performance requirements? Does management stand as a team, or a group of individual leaders?

    A successful team of leaders takes collective responsibility for the overall management. By using each other's unique expertise, the organization can push forward in the best possible way. Teams like this are able to lead effectively and can collaborate well. They can also demonstrate the value of such teamwork in all parts of the organization. However, this can be a very demanding exercise when society puts such a huge emphasis on individual performances.

    Teamwork can be learned. K has extensive experience and effective methods of team development at various levels. We challenge teams using involving and motivating processes. The result is effective collaboration and a strengthened capacity for implementation, as well as increased personal maturity.