I was so engaged in the app that I forgot to leave the train

Strategy implementation in Storebrand

This was one of the encouraging pieces of feedback we received when we asked employees what they thought about Storebrand's new mobile strategy implementation program.

The goal was that the strategy should become part of the employees’ “head and heart”. Storebrand wanted employees to use the new strategic concepts in their daily work, when they spoke and when they wrote. In addition, Storebrand wanted the switch to mobile learning to be a positive experience.

Strategy implementation also requires cultural development, which is a continuous process. With that in mind, we designed a program that consisted of several stages which would be distributed throughout the year. As they learned on their mobile devices, employees could comment, like and share progress as they completed activities in their teams. The managers had access to a knowledge base and received training as to how they could implement the strategy in their team. Development was incremental. This gave us the freedom and flexibility to consider input and feedback from the first stages in the development of the next.

"Using Blended X (*) and K's educational creativity, we have succeeded in involving the entire organisation in our strategic work. Virtually all employees have a positive experience with this way of working, "says <title> Nora Rolstad.

The project won the Blended Learning Award at the NEXT conference in Paris in the spring of 2017.

(*) Blended X is mobile learning technology from CrossKnowledge