A simple message and a surprising story puts Information Security on the agenda.

Stop the leak!

Our digital world requires attention and knowledge to prevent information leaks. One unwise or thoughtless moment can give competitors unwanted advantages, and at worst, threaten civil society.

Energy producer Statkraft takes information security very seriously. In cooperation with them, we created an internal information campaign with one singular message: Stop the leak! Stopp lekkasjen! Keine Sicherheitslücken! Detenga la fuga! Sizintiyi durduruni!

Using e-learning, articles, online ads, rollup banners and management tools, we helped teach Statkraft employees how their behaviours could ensure information safety.

Employees had this response to the campaign: "Very useful. Now I'm more aware of where leaks can occur. " "Training like this makes us interested and willing to do the right thing". "Great format with short e-learning modules in each course."