Game fun and HES!

Employee Of The Year

The Norwegian Road Administration wanted more attention on HES. The old e-learning program was a standardized click-next-type of program, which led to little enthusiasm. Instead we gave them the game Employee Of The Year. 

Statens Veivesen Trailer from Transform on Vimeo.

The participant plays an employee who is on his way to the Employee Of The Year Award. But first he has to play through five levels and show that he can do HES-work in practice. If he plays well, he will have a chance to win the price himself.

"Employee Of The Year has lifted our HES-work in a refreshing way. Up till now, 1000 employees have completed the game. Before we started there was some scepticism to gamification. The feedback, however, is very positive, both from our young people and veterans”, explains Inger Helen Grøstad who is HES-adviser in the organisation.

The game characters, which look like jellybeans, played a prominent role in the implementation campaign. There were jellybeans on posters, banners, and even Employee Of The Year candies to everyone. With Employee of the Year HES is now back on the agenda.